Monday 10: Of Gardens

Monday 10 is a weekly post where I share a list of 10 bookish items based on a theme, subject, idea, fancy, etc.
Every reader and blogger is also invited to participate and make their own list. It doesn't have to have the same theme, it just needs to pertain to books!
If you do make your own list and post it to your blog, share the link in the comments. Or if you prefer write your own list in the comments!
Note: I put 3 asterisks beside the titles I have read and recommnend. Ihave not read all of the books I put in these lists, so be sure to check them all out!
I took a week off this blog (and reading in general as I was doing a multitude of other things), but now I am back with another Monday 10. Since I am currently reading a book about a garden and gardening (The Lost Garden by Helen Humphreys, review coming soon), I thought that should be the theme of this week.

* 10 books about gardens, gardening and flowers *
Happy Monday!

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  1. The Forgotten Garden is one of my favourites!
    And I've been trying to get my hands on a copy of Elizabeth and her German Garden for a while now. I may have to buy it even though I'm a little wary of doing that with a book/author I've never read before.