About Me

Welcome to The Woodland Library!

About Me:

My name is MJ and I am mostly known on the internet as Endofmarch.
I was an art and art history student in university and I also taught English as a Foreign language for two years in South Korea. I am currently looking into going back to school to become a librarian.

I love stories more than anything else, whether they be in written, music, dance or art form. The sharing of these stories through different formats is endlessly fascinating to me.

I currently live in Ontario, Canada (though I am originally from Qu├ębec) with my boyfriend (who I always refer to as SleepyBear, and who might, if I can convince him, occasionally post on this blog as well) and my little lop bunny, Penelope.

Apart from reading I like:
drawing and making art; watching TV & movies; listening to music; dancing around the house when no one is looking; eating; spending countless hours in libraries and bookstores; wasting time on the internet; traveling or dreaming of traveling; making lists; and plenty of other things that might strike my fancy at any given time.

I mostly read YA fantasy, fantasy, YA dystopian, as well as mythic fiction, any kind of retellings (especially fairy tales) I can get my hands on, and Middle Grade books. I dabble in YA paranormal and science-fiction but generally stay away from romance and YA contemporary (as well as mystery and thrillers), although there are some exceptions and I can certainly be convinced to read any book through a good review, a free copy of said book, free food, or bribery.

About this blog:

The Woodland Library was founded in February 2011 (so it is quite young). I came late to the blogging world and even later to the book blogging world. While talking about books and sharing ideas about them have always been favourite things of mine to do, it had never occurred to me to do it in blog format until recently. 

I hope that through it I might be able to share and discuss and generally have a grand time with anything bookish coming my way. And I hope that, if you find this place to your liking, you will as well.

Other places you can find me online:

    or do not hesitate to send me an email