Monday 10: Of Unorthodox Princesses

Monday 10 is a weekly post where I share a list of 10 bookish items based on a theme, subject, idea, fancy, etc.
Every reader and blogger is also invited to participate and make their own list. It doesn't have to have the same theme, it just needs to pertain to books!
If you do make your own list and post it to your blog, share the link in the comments. Or if you prefer write your own list in the comments!
Note: I put 3 asterisks beside the titles I have read and recommnend. Ihave not read all of the books I put in these lists, so be sure to check them all out!

I want ot make a list of 10 princesses who defies the stereotypes of their title. Real princesses, fake princesses, princesses in training, anything goes!

* 10 Unorthodox Princesses *
Happy Monday!


  1. I love that Eilonwy made this list, she was my hero growing up!

  2. THE ORDINARY PRINCESS!!!!! I just read that at the beginning of the semester and it was just so charming!

  3. @Lindsey
    Yes! To be honest I haven't read the books themselves (but soon!), but I have read a lot about them, and I already love Eilowyn :)

    I love The Ordinary Princess. It is, like you said, the epitome of charming. I should reread it soon.